My SchedulePlus

EmployeeConnection has something called My SchedulePlus. In My SchedulePlus, everyone can manage their own scheduling options and availability selections, such as Scheduling options, availability, preferred availability, and temporary availability.


My explanation of Schedule Plus is too long. Read this article to learn more about the My SchedulePlus part-time worker.

Access to availability on the EmployeeConnection login portal. The current scheduling option can be viewed in the Availability window. You can also check your current availability and access the Change availability option.


EmployeeConnection – About My SchedulePlus

Note that if your planning option selection will be identified during your initial MSP registration. If you have further questions, it is best to contact your supervisor.


You can use Change Availability if you want to update your availability option for longer-term needs. Let’s say you want to volunteer every Thursday night. In this case, you can block this period and the system will not assign you a team on Thursday night.

Availability is determined when you first register with MSP. Also, during the open enrollment period, you have the ability to adjust your availability twice a year.

Preferred Availability:

Preferred availability is what can be used to select team preferences. Although there is no guarantee, it is always possible that your options will be considered and every effort will be made to comply with them.

Temporary Availability:

You can use temporary availability if you want to limit or extend your availability for a certain period of time. For example, your current availability indicates that you won’t be available until 6:00 PM. on Monday. A month later, you will know that you will be available during this time and that, if possible, you would like to have more hours.

Remember that this system will validate your decisions against the labor regulations of your current employment situation.